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Gift your child a lifetime of healthy smiles

Beautiful Smiles For Life With Our Children’s Orthodontic Treatment

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Helping Your Child Enjoy A Lifetime Of Healthy Smiles With Our Gentle And Effective Children’s Orthodontic Treatments

Misaligned teeth can not only affect your child’s confidence, but they can impact their health as well. It is important to address your child’s misaligned teeth as early as possible to ensure they can chew, bite and speak normally. For children’s orthodontics in Bangalore, our team is here for you and your family.

Healthy tooth and jaw development is an important part of your child’s growth, but your child may need help to ensure their teeth come in properly. At Dental Lavelle, we understand that early treatment can be critical in helping your child enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles. That is why we are dedicated to providing gentle and effective children’s orthodontic treatments. Our office offers braces, orthodontic appliances, retainers and early interceptive care depending on your child’s needs.

Many children suffer from misaligned teeth and other orthodontic issues, such as underbite, overbite or cross-bite. Misaligned teeth can make it different for your child to speak, bite and chew naturally. While many alignment issues are genetic or a result of development issues, but sometimes your child’s habits can exacerbate these problems. Common causes of misaligned teeth include mouth breathing, thumb-sucking, prolonged pacifier use and poor oral hygiene.

We are proud to offer early orthodontic treatment to help children achieve straight, beautiful smiles for life. Our office provides comprehensive children’s orthodontic treatment, including braces, orthodontic appliances, retainers and early interceptive care.

Dental Lavelle Orthodontic Treatment In Bangalore What Are Braces

What are Braces?

Traditional braces use brackets and wires to gently move your child’s teeth into a straighter and healthier position. The brackets are affixed to your child’s teeth to anchor the arch wires, which are tightened over time to shift the teeth. We offer traditional metal braces and ceramic/clear braces depending on your child’s needs and preferences. The system of braces we use is 3M, a trusted and international leader in orthodontic technology with decades of success.

What are Orthodontic Appliances?

Our Orthodontist may recommend oral appliances to help redirect the growth of your child’s teeth and jaws. There are two types of appliances: fixed and removable. Fixed appliances cannot be taken out or lost by young patients. Removable appliances are less intrusive and can be taken out during meals, sports activities and when brushing.

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Childrens Orthodontic Treatment Teeth Retainer

What are Retainers?

Once your child has completed braces treatment, we will prescribe a retainer to maintain your child’s corrected bite. The type of retainer we prescribe and how long your child will wear it depends on your child’s case. Be sure to follow our Orthodontists instructions to ensure your child’s teeth remain straight and healthy.

What is Early Children’s Orthodontic Treatment?

For young children with orthodontic issues, our orthodontist may recommend early interceptive treatment. We can treat children as early as age six or seven to address developing concerns before they become larger problems. Treatment can include braces, removing teeth to prevent crowding and using oral appliances to guide healthy jaw growth.

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Early Childrens Orthodontic Treatment

For How Long Will My Child Have To Wear Braces?

Most children wear braces for one to three years, depending on their needs. Early interceptive orthodontic treatment may reduce treatment time later if your child needs further care.


Meet our Orthodontist

Dr Prashanth Kamath graduated with Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) from the College of Dental Surgery, Manipal (India) in the year 1992 and subsequently went on to compete his Masters in Dental Surgery (MDS) in the speciality of Orthodontics and Dento-facial Orthopedics in the year 1995.

He has been associated with academics since his formative years and currently heads the Department of Orthodontics at a reputed dental college in Bangalore.

Dr Kamath has been in private practice since 1995 exclusive to Orthodontics and is well versed with the contemporary techniques in fixed orthodontics as well as into the domain of myofunctional appliances.

He is a certified Invisalign provider and treats adults as well as children. He is passionate about surgical orthodontics and has pioneered and mentored many workshops and publications for the Indian Orthodontic Society as well as international organizations.

Dr Kamath is a avid reader and his passions include wildlife photography and sustainable/clean technology.

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