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Dental Implants – The Better Alternative

For years missing teeth have been replaced by methods such as removable dentures and fixed bridges. While they are still being used even today, modern technology has enabled far better options for missing tooth replacement which is dental implants. Here are a few reasons why implants stand out when it comes to replacing missing teeth.

Why dental implants?

While it is very important to replace missing teeth to prevent changes and collapse of your bite, dental implants are the next best option to replace a missing natural tooth or multiple teeth.

Dental Implant Im Bangalore

What are dental implants?

They are basically titanium screws that come in different sizes and are fixed into your jaw in position of the missing natural tooth.

How are they better than other fixed teeth options?

Implants unlike conventional fixed bridges do not require the teeth besides them to be trimmed. Thus, they are very conservative. Furthermore, they are the only option that also replaces the root portion of the tooth and maintains the jaw bone height.

Is getting an Implant a painful procedure?

While the procedure itself is not painful due to the anaesthesia given, mild post operative discomfort can be anticipated during the initial few d

ays which can be easily managed with medication.

Is the treatment invasive?

No, with the advent of guided implant surgeries, getting an implant has become a minimally invasive procedure and is usually completed in under an hour.

What are the different types of options?

Implants can vary from a single missing tooth replacement to something more extensive like full mouth dental implants, all on 4 dental implants and implant supported dentures.

Why choose Dental Lavelle?

Dental Lavelle is one of the top rated implantologist clinic in Bangalore. We work with all major companies like Osstem, Nobel and Straumann to provide various affordable services such as all on 4 implants, implant supported dentures and full mouth dental implants.