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Dental Lavelle brings together and harnesses the rich and wide experience of the best dental practitioners the field has to offer. Our team of Doctors stretch from Bangalore to Mumbai, and also include an International Team comprising of leading practitioners in USA. This brings in the unique Panoramic Diagnostic Approach that allows us to examine the treatment possibilities from different angles. This is a very special advantage to the patients as it brings out the opportunity to evaluate the best possible treatment techniques.
Dr. Jagadeesh Belur - MD
Dr. Druthil Belur
Dr. Prashant Kamath
Dr. Rupali Kamath
Dr. Praveen Kumar M.R.
Dr. K. Rajshekar
Dr. T.V.Narayan
Dr. D.R. Sekhar
Dr. C. Jeevan Aiyappa
Dr. N. Srinath
Dr. R.P. Deo
Dr. P. Kishore Nayak
Dr. Sanjiv Nair
Dr. Kanir Bhatia
Dr. Mariamma Alexander
Dr. Sudhakar M. Koppad
Dr. Ila Srinivasan
Mrs. Radhika Poovaya
Dr. Karunesh Kumar