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Dental Lavelle's uniqueness comes from its process orientation in handling daily routine. Right from keeping track of the patient's database; to patient-education; to maintaining cleanliness, a robust process has been created and is followed strictly to ensure safe dental care for patients. An austere instrument sterilization protocol is adhered to in keeping with the pioneering standards of this centre.

Equipment used during treatment undergoes a predefined cleansing/sterilisation cycle after each use. Every instrument once used is transferred to a wash area where it is first hand-scrubbed, subjected to ultrasonic cleaning, and then steam-dried. Thereafter, the instruments are shifted to a separate sterilisation area, where they are packed, sealed and then autoclaved under high temperature and pressure. Finally, they are stored in a Ultra-violet Light chamber.

Disinfection of the operatory at the end of every treatment procedure, coupled with the use of disposable paper towels, motion sensor taps, automatic soap dispensers, ensures optimal asepsis. With the alarming rise and occult prevalence of AIDS and Hepatitis, these fine processes carried out, minimise cross contamination and provide maximum protection to our patients.

Dental Lavelle employs 'Smart Dent', the next generation Patient Record Automation System. As a part of this system 'Smart Cards' may be issued to patients requiring multiple visits wherein their records can be instantly retrieved and updated during their visit. Dental Lavelle is the first clinic to offer this advanced system to its patients in Bangalore.

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