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In-house accommodation is available at the facility called Villa Lavelle. Located on Lavelle Road is in the center of the city. These are fully furnished, luxury serviced apartments located above Dental Lavelle. This facility offers in house amenities such as high-speed internet access, cable television, fully air-conditioned rooms, 24 hour security, laundry, F & B delivery from over 20 restaurants, taxi service at doorstep, etc. Approximate cost is $70-100 per day

More information is available on www.dentalavelle.com under the link on Dental-tourism, or at www.villalavelle.com

Other alternatives are available such as Hotels, Clubs, Lodges, and other Serviced Apartments in the area. The ranges depend on the quality and service of the hotel, including its location. The approximate cost would range between $30-300 per day

Food and Beverage
Dental Lavelle / Villa Lavelle is centrally located in Bangalore. Numerous restaurants are in the vicinity. Almost 20 restaurants are within 5 minutes of walking distance, and over 50 restaurants within a 2 mile radius of the facility. Cuisines available include: South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Continental, Italian, Mexican, etc. Average cost per meal is $2-10 per person. Bangalore is known as the "Pub City of India". Several Bars, Pubs, Lounges and Discos are scattered through out the city.

Other Details Available on Request
  • Arts and Antiques: galleries, gifts, handicrafts

  • Automotive: car rental, bus, train, and airline information

  • Clothing and Textiles: branded and local garments, silks, sarees, tailors, designers

  • Communication: local and international calling, internet, mobile/cellular phones

  • Entertainment: music, bowling, theatre, movies, discos

  • Fashion and Personal Care: cosmetics, jewelry, boutiques

  • Finance: banks, insurance, forex

  • Food & Dining: bakers, restaurants, pubs

  • Health & Medicine: ayurveda, homeopathy, hospitals

  • Home Needs: crockery, appliances, shopping

  • Office Needs: fax, printing, stationary

  • Sports and Recreation: clubs, resorts, fitness

  • Travel & Accommodation: airlines, hotels, tours and travels.

  • Travel agent next door

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